Our name is an homage to a book titled “Menaud, maître-draveur” (Menaud, log driver), written by Félix-Antoine Savard and published in 1937. Mr. Savard was also the founding priest of the Clermont parish who believed we were all born to create. He thought that only the brave could embrace nature and all its majesty, that craftsmen knew how to respect the land and that they were in the best position to advocate for its conservation. He also believed that it is only through generosity that these individuals can achieve their own sense of independence and freedom.

At Menaud, we are committed to perpetuating a legacy of know-how while paying tribute to the product itself. Inspired by our master brewers and their desire to always innovate, we are proud to offer you exceptional products that represent the fruit of this labour. As the first distillery-microbrewery in the Charlevoix region, we want to share our passion with you, and we want to serve as a guide for artisans and amateurs alike.