Savoir Faire

We explore flavours, sometimes for months, in search of something truly different, without distorting the ingredients’ essence. To shake up tradition while perpetuating it, there is a need to understand how each one of them lives and interacts with its environment. The choice of each ingredient is the result of thorough research and numerous taste tests along the process. At Menaud, each product is developed without compromises.


Système de distillation de la distillerie Menaud

Located in the picturesque Charlevoix region, the Menaud distillery & brewery offers the possibility of visiting the entire production of its spirits and beers. Given the current situation of COVID-19, tours and tastings will be suspended until further notice. It is still possible to come at the factory to buy our products for takeouts.



Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday 9-17
Thursday, Fiday 9-17
Saturday, Sunday Closed
Champs de maïs avec, en vue, une petite maison bleue.
Enrico boit directement de la flask. Quel homme!
Laurent Harvey, agriculteur, avec un grain de blé dans les mains