Miellerie du Cratère

Mathieu Gauthier and Daniel Robichaud are the caretakers of fifteen apiaries found in Saint-Irénée, La Malbaie and Les Éboulements, where you will also find their store nestled in the beautiful countryside.

Their wildflower honey, made from the clovers and dandelions of Charlevoix, is what we use for our Wee Heavy Scotch Ale because of its powerful flavor and sweet notes. It makes for a unique tasting experience, as the taste of the honey changes depending on the time it was extracted, and the influence of the fruit or flower pollinated by the bee. As a result, blueberry honey might not taste like what you would expect from the name, but its scent is unmistakable.

Miellerie du cratère - Miel
Miel de la miellerie du cratère

The discovery astonished us, but our surprise went beyond the scent to the complex universe of the bee itself and its life in the hive, where it is part of a cycle in which the community comes first. Our common understanding with Mathieu and Daniel came natural as well, united in our desire to work together in making a variety of products that all use locally grown resources from our community.

Ruches de la Miellerie du Cratère

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