The Bhérer Family

The Bhérer family planted 1,500 honeysuckle trees by hand in 2011, and when the time came for the harvest, the pickers’ clothes were streaked scarlet from the juice bursting from the small berries.

That same purplish red now colours our beer, thanks to the remarkable work of Steve and Nathalye. Their family land, stretching more than thirty acres along the flow of the St. Laurence river, offers picturesque surroundings of fields with barns and farmhouses, a mountainous backdrop, and their blueberry and honeysuckle trees stretching as far as the eye can see. The latter, being very resistant to cold and drought, is perfectly suited to the unpredictable climate of Saint-Irénée, and regardless of whether you eat them freshly plucked from the vine, or after they have been processed, you will be delighted by the berries’ sour kick and sweet acidity.

We are proud to have the Bhérer family name on our cans, and it is with this same feeling of pride that we join them in showcasing another of the treasures found in the tucked away bays of our region.

To Nathalye, Steeve and the rest of the Bhérer family, merci!