Harvey Farm

The Harvey family are the first artisans behind our spirits. Félix Harvey, pictured below, is a farmer by trade, but comes from a family of seafarers.

When he and his brothers were all still busy working full-time jobs, they shared a dream of taking the land they owned on Isle-aux-Coudres, and using it to grow grains of all kinds. Beginning with an initial 10 hectares, today they’re sowing and harvesting from fields spanning 150 hectares.

Laurent Harvey, Agriculteur
Menaud - Champs de maïs

The particular location of the island makes for a microclimate that is unique from the rest of the region. The humidity of the river, the salty air, and the late-arriving seasons express themselves in a grain that is firm, thick and rich in iodine. It wasn’t long before we jumped at the opportunity to become part of their incredible project, a great challenge with a very simple objective: to produce spirits distilled entirely from the grains of Isle-aux-Coudres, with the island’s character evident in every drop.

Vodka de Menaud

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