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Génépi History


Wormwood genepy is an aromatic plant that usually grows on rocky terrain in cold, mountainous conditions. It is from the artemisia genus of plants which also includes absinthe. During its yearly bloom, it can sometimes be spotted growing among rocks near hiking trails. But because it is so rare, it is best to leave its harvest to experienced pickers.

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Génépi is a liqueur made with wormwood that was first crafted in alpine distilleries in the 19th century. This digestif is very popular with skiers and has even become emblematic of the French Alps.

Although it is a popular liqueur on the other side of the Atlantic, it remained a relatively unknown one in Quebec prior to our partnership with biologist and picker Fabien Girard. On one of his numerous geological excursions, armed with only a compass, he came upon a particularly aromatic wormwood species called Artemisia genepi near a lake. He then decided to grow this species in the wild. Five years later he was able to harvest the plants for the first time. In addition to being eco-friendly, this mode of cultivation – paired with sustainable harvest practices - ensures the viability of the plant.

Génépi Menaud


Génépi recipes are usually closely guarded family secrets that are passed on from generation to generation. But the base remains the same: 40 stems, 40 sugar, 40 days. In other words: “macerate 40 wormwood stems in bloom in 1 litre of 40% alcohol for 40 days and add 40 sugar cubes.” At our distillery, macerating the wormwood allows us to get the most out of its bitterness while adding the sugar resets the balance of flavours.

Our intention is not to imitate the French tradition. In fact, we produce our Génépi the way we produce our gin. Essential oils are extracted by steam infusion in the gin basket alongside other boreal plants. The result is neither bitter nor sweet. It is the very essence of finesse.

Bouteille de genepi Génépi en fleurs

Enjoy very cold.

In a cocktail, enjoy as a mountain pine gin.

We only produce 800 bottles a year to ensure the sustainability of the plant in Quebec.