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Menaud Distillerie et brasserie
Cocktail - Bianco

A new take on the last word and corpse river no. 2 cocktails, Bianco is a drink that is the perfect blend of refreshing grapefruit juice and our sophisticated gin.

oz Menaud Gin
oz Vermouth bianco
oz Fresh grapefruit juice
oz Maraschino
zest Grapefruit
Cocktail - Bianco



1. Squeeze the grapefruit and clarify the juice using filter paper.

2. Pour the fresh grapefruit juice, white vermouth, Menaud gin, and maraschino in a shaker.

3. Fill with ice cubes and shake.

4. Double strain and serve on ice.

5. Zest the grapefruit and rub some of the peel on the rim of the glass to extract its oils.