Are you old enough to drink alcohol?

Menaud Distillerie et brasserie

Our version of a mojito stands out thanks to a subtle hint of Absinthe. A beautiful blend of rum, fresh mint, lime, and a touch of the bitter green spirit. The result is a bold yet refreshing cocktail.

oz White rhum
oz Brown rhum (not spicy)
oz Menaud Absinthe
leaves Mint
oz Simple syrup
oz Lime juice
oz Sparkling water


1. Pour the white rum, dark rum, and Absinthe in a shaker.

2. Add the mint leaves.

3. Gently mash the mint leaves using a pestle but don’t tear them. A few firm presses should suffice.

4. Add the simple syrup and lime juice.

5. Shake vigorously for 5 seconds, enough to chill the beverage without diluting it too much.

6. Use a fine-mesh strainer and pour into a glass filled with ice.

7. Top with sparkling water.

8. Smack a bunch of mint and use it as garnish in your glass.