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Cocktail - Petits fruits

Our tribute to the classic red holiday punch. Macerating berries and herbs in alcohol is the most popular way to prepare a base for this cocktail. You can then have fun creating your own festive ice ring.

 The recipe is for a complete punch bowl : 17 servings.

oz Menaud Camerise Liqueur
oz Menaud Vodka
cup blueberries
cup cranberries
sprigs Thyme
leaves Sage
oz Oleo Saccharum*
oz Dry sparkling wine or dry cider
Cocktail - Petits fruits


1. Create your own ice ring.

2. Pour the Menaud Vodka into a large airtight bowl and add the blueberries, cranberries, sage leaves, and sprigs of thyme.

3. Lightly mash the berries using a pestle.

4. Let macerate for 2 to 3 hours while stirring occasionally.

5. When the desired taste is reached, strain the liquid into a punch bowl.

6. Combine the infused Menaud Vodka, Menaud Camerise, and Oleo Saccharum*.

3. Once the ice ring is ready, place in the bowl.

4. Pour the sparkling wine or cider into the bowl and enjoy.


1. Place the zest of 3 lemons and 2 oranges in an airtight plastic bag.

2. Add a cup of white sugar and make sure the zest is thoroughly coated to extract the oils.

3. Let rest for 30 to 60 minutes.

4. Add the lemon juice to dissolve the sugar.

5. Strain the liquid.

*The Oleo Saccharum can be kept in the fridge for 3 to 4 weeks.*