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Menaud Distillerie et brasserie
Cocktail - Raisin Vert

By combining green grapes and our Rhubarbe liqueur, you’ll be able to enjoy a refreshing yet dry summer cocktail. The coffee and ginger add a hint of fruit and spice. A deliciously balance beverage low in alcohol.


g Fresh ginger
drops Lactic acid
oz Fresh green grape juice
oz Menaud Rhubarbe Liqueur
oz Lillet blanc
beans Coffee
Cocktail - Raisin Vert



1. Press few green grapes for the required amount of juice. Clarify with a paper filter.

2. Smash the peeled ginger in the shaker using a muddler.

3. Add the lactic acid, fresh green grape juice, Menaud Rhubarb liqueur, Lillet Blanc, as well as the coffee beans.

4. Fill the shaker with ice and shake well.

5. Double strain and serve on ice.

6. Garnish with coffee beans.