Are you old enough to drink alcohol?

Menaud Distillerie et brasserie

A rich cocktail that underscores how smooth our vodka is. Toasted buckwheat slightly heightens the effervescence of the foam and procures a few seconds of delightful mouthfeel. Enjoy on the rocks or warm for added comfort.

drops Rose water
oz Honey syrup*
oz oat milk
oz Menaud Vodka
cup(s) Whole grain buckwheat
tsp. Honey
cup(s) 35% cream
petal(s) Rose (garnish)



1. Mix the rose water, honey syrup*, oat milk, and vodka with a spoon and refrigerate.

2. Spread the whole grain buckwheat on a baking sheet.

3. Lightly toast the buckwheat evenly with a food torch or in the oven.

4. Place the toasted buckwheat in a pot and add the honey.

5. Set the heat to medium-high and stir the mixture until it is fully caramelized.

6. Remove from the heat and stir in the cream.

7. Strain the garnish into a whipping siphon (2 N20 cartridges).

8. Pour the cocktail base over ice cubes and add the garnish using the siphon.



1. Equal parts honey and water.

2. Bring to the boil.