Are you old enough to drink alcohol?

Menaud Distillerie et brasserie

Using our Menaud Génépi, we are putting our own spin on the classic martini cocktail. The sublte flavours that result from the cold maceration of the chamomile blend wonderfully well with herbaceous nature of the Génépi and are then enhanced by the sweetness of the dry vermouth.

teaspoon Chamomile tea*
zest Lemon
oz Menaud Génépi
oz Dry white vermouth


1. Cold infuse the chamomile tea in the vermouth for 2 hours.

2. Chill a 5 oz martini glass in the freezer.

3. Pour the Génépi and vermouth infused with chamomile into a mixing glass.

4. Stir for a few seconds with some ice to dilute and chill the cocktail.

5. Strain and pour the mixture into the chilled martini glass without the ice.

6. Express the lemon zest over the drink and rub around the rim.

*If you want something a bit fruitier than chamomile tea, use dried pineappleweed.