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Menaud Distillerie et brasserie
Crème Sûre

This cocktail combines the acidity of strawberries with the subtle greenness of celery and the aromatic hint of lovage. The astonishingly clarified sour cream provides a mellow backdrop while the floral bitterness of the Génépi adds a one-of-a-kind note this delicate, refreshing mixture.

oz Jus de fraise frais
oz Jus de céleri frais
oz Génépi Menaud
c. de bar Acide lactique
oz Sirop simple
c. à tbl. Crème Sûre
goutte(s) Huile de livèche*
Crème Sûre


1. Individually juice the strawberries and celery in a centrifuge to obtain the required

2. In a bowl, combine the Menaud Génépi, lactic acid, strawberry juice, celery juice, and
simple syrup. Set aside.

3. Place the sour cream in another container.

4. Pour the cocktail base over the sour cream. Whisk well.

5. Place the mixture in a coffee filter and set aside for 1-2 hours.

6. Serve the clarified cocktail over ice with a little lovage oil*.



1. Add 0.5 oz canola oil and 3-4 lovage leaves in a blender.
*The oil can be used in a salad or drizzled on fish.